eBECAS Student Portal

The eBECAS Student Portal is an online platform, designed to give students access to key information about their course of study. Whenever relevant information is updated in eBECAS, it is live immediately in the Student Portal and vice versa. The Student Portal is available to eBECAS v9 users who host with Equator IT.

The main functions of the Student Portal are to provide students with quick access too:

  • Timetabling including Class details & Attendance
  • Communications from staff including administrative notices & warnings
  • Results
  • Financials including invoice details, payments and outstanding fees
  • Their contact details, which they can update themselves. Changes made will be automatically updated in eBECAS

Each Student Portal is customised with relevant graphics and branding for it’s associated college (see below). Initially, students will have to Register for Access, which will provide them with an auto generated password through their email address registered in eBECAS.


Once logged in, students will first see their class timetable. In the top left hand corner, there is a drop down menu which allows students to navigate between classes, results, messages, accounts (financials) and my profile (contact details). 


The eBECAS Student Portal reduces the need for staff members to answer simple student enquiries and allows students to stay updated with information about their course. More information and screenshots of the Student Portal and it’s sections can be found here.

If you are an eBECAS v9 user interested in the Student Portal that does not currently host with Equator IT, please contact us on support@equatorit.com for more information about moving to a hosted solution. Please also feel free to get in touch if you require any other general assistance with the eBECAS Student Portal.

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